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Leah is a self-taught Australian artist, living in the beautiful east-coast town of Port Macquarie. Her work explores imaginative aspects of our natural world. Through the use of colour and dream-like imagery, her work intends to captivate and calm the viewer while imparting peace, joy and blessings from Heaven. Leah’s art work features in private collections across Australia, America and in the United Kingdom. With her husband Matt, Leah has been in local church ministry for over 12 years which includes them serving as interim Senior Pastors.

Leah will be speaking on finding your unique artistic voice - please bring your art journal and something to draw with for this workshop.

Creativity is not an optional extra – it is our God-given DNA! We have all been born with a creative identity: a one of a kind design to intentionally live the kind of life that expresses the glory and wonder of the One in whose image we have been created.

This conference is aimed not only at inspiring but empowering individuals in practically experiencing the divine nature of God and transforming the world around them. The world is crying out for divine connection and our mandate is to become the bridal party that invites everyone to the feast of who He is!

We are the most like God when we CREATE, so whether you are a business person, a teacher, a painter, a bus driver, a stay at home parent or an accountant – this conference will help you unlock the un-ending realms of creativity He has put within you. Are you ready to engage with the divine to revolutionise your world?

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Chris is an entrepreneur from Melbourne with an exploding business in the digital marketing sector. He has also built and run many businesses within the music industry, as well as pursued drumming as a profession. His digital marketing company, Bamco Studio, entered into a partnership agreement with a creative agency in New York City and resulted in him relocating there to manage their team and grow the agency for a season. While in NYC, Chris became familiar with high-level technology in the virtual reality sector and became determined to bring it back to Australia. Upon his return, he re-launched Bamco as a 3D marketing agency for off the plan property and launched Viara, the first Virtual Reality software in Australia to offer 360° VR tours for off the plan properties. In less than 2 years Bamco has expanded to offices in Melbourne and Vietnam and Viara is currently undergoing a round of capital funding to set it up for global growth within the ever-expanding architectural and property development industry. In this workshop Chris will be speaking from his experience on how he has taken ideas and developed them into successful businesses.



Stephen Roach

Stephen is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, public-speaker, and poet. He is the founding visionary of The Breath & the Clay creative arts movement and host of the Makers & Mystics podcast. Stephen has written and recorded six albums and contributed music to independent films and commercials as well as the works of recording artists Ricky Skaggs, Jonathan David Helser, John Mark McMillan, and his own cinematic-folk group, Songs of Water.

Stephen travels internationally, performing and conducting workshops and keynotes on creativity and the pursuit of God. He and his wife, Sarah, live in Greensboro, NC, with their two beautiful children, Evangelyn Belle and Isaac Brighton.


Jeff is a speaker, author, film maker and multi award-winning song writer and music producer. He has merged a career in arts and education and for 16 years was the Principal of The School of Creative Arts at C3 Oxford Falls. More recently Jeff and his wife Julie authored Living With A Creative Mind - an operating handbook for creative people. Jeff is the Managing Director and founder of The Zebra Collective - an online mentoring service and consultancy in the field of creativity, creative well being and in building environments that harness the creative workforce. He and Julie have recently worked with The Sydney Opera House Masters of Arts Management course and been speakers at SPARC and Vivid Sydney. He is currently enrolled in a PhD at the University of Technology Sydney, researching the working lives of musicians in the Australian contemporary music industry and has recently been appointed to lecture in Music Business at UTS.

Jeff Crabtree

Isi de Gersigny

Isi is a passionate dancer, poet, musician and prolific songwriter. Having recorded numerous albums of original songs, she has a mandate to release the sounds of heaven to the nations and see His Glory released through the Arts. As a pioneer in the sphere of prophetic worship, she continues to mentor other worship directors, looking to develop a culture of prophetic worship in their church. Isi has lead worship and taught on the prophetic and Glory realm extensively at conferences both in Australia and abroad.

Isi is the Senior Visionary and Worship Director at Jubilee Church. She is also the founder of Create School, a school of transformation strongly emphasising Biblical revelation and activation, releasing power packed men and women into all aspects of society. Isi and her husband Fini founded Jubilee Church in 1997 and together have become apostolic voices in Australia, joyfully mentoring pastors, leaders and artists from diverse spheres of influence to see them prosper in their families and callings. Together they father several churches planted with their relational apostolic network in Australia and South Africa. Along with their 6 children, they continue to dream within the endless spectrum of God’s powerful love!

Jordan is a formidable force in the realms of music, sound, film, photography and design. He is a prophetic innovator who carries a message of true honour for the legacy of family, whilst having a passion to see the continual transformation of creative expression both in and outside of the church. As the Creative Director and 2IC visionary leader at Jubilee Church, he has spearheaded the re-design of Jubilee’s buildings, brand and media expressions.

For almost 20 years, Jordan has developed as a multi instrumentalist psalmist who skilfully navigates the realms of the Spirit with a powerful sound of breakthrough. During his time as songwriter and lead singer for his former band, ALL THEE ABOVE,  he recorded two EP’s and he will be recording his first self-titled record later this year. With over 10 years’ experience in running a production company, he has engineered for internationally recognised artists such as Gang of Youths and David Ryan Harris (John Mayer’s Guitarist). In recent years he has branched out to include video production, recording music videos for some of Sydney’s best up and coming artists.

Jordan de Gersigny

Chris Farace

Stephen Roach

In this workshop, Stephen will share key insights on how chronicling our dreams, prophetic vision and our history with God leads to a life of fruitfulness, creativity and reveals the art, God created us to be.

  Learn how to:

  • cultivate a deeper devotional life
  • organize thoughts, dreams and prayers
  • keep a record of encounters, fulfillments and promises
  • effective methods of journaling and daily writing habits‍‍


NOTE: This workshop is not available through online media purchase.

NOTE: This workshop is not available through online media purchase.

God is a dancer of dancers, spinning and rejoicing over us and we are made in the image of this magnificent One!

Isi is a trained dancer who has a passion to reveal this aspect of the Trinity as they experience the art of moving and watching people move. Entire atmospheres can be transformed through the powerful and international language of dance. As a prophet dancer her joy is to partner with Holy Spirit in choreographing to open heavenly dimensions that can release His freedom and love through movement. Her desire is to see an army of dancers on the streets, in homes, at events, in studios, in church gatherings, in theatres everywhere, transforming their world with each step that they take. Please wear comfortable clothes for this workshop.

Isi de Gersigny

Leah Doeland