TRANSFORM can be described as a training school made up of 3 consecutive trimesters each comprising of 8 weeks, ideal for those who have busy lives and are looking to study part time. The 3 schools are designed to develop divergent thinking and release people into a creatively powerful lifestyle that impacts their world. Trimester 1 is compulsory in order to do later trimesters.


The cost for doing all 3 trimesters are bundled at $300 per person or $125* per school bought separately. Students can choose to pay the full amount upfront or via a payment plan and concessions are also available. Please select the appropriate box on your application form.


Transform 1 - FEB 5 - MARCH 26

Transform 2 - MAY 7 - JUNE 25

Transform 3 - JULY 23 - SEP 10


Choose to attend either in person at Jubilee, Tuesdays at 7pm according to dates above (includes online delivery), or fully online from anywhere in the world a week later than the dates above.


*Please note: Trimester 1 is a prerequisite and must be taken first before progressing to later trimesters. Online school will be available one week after each trimester goes live.



Triune Transformation


FEB 5 - MARCH 26

This trimester provides a foundation of divine sanity in order to understand and value the kind of family God envisaged fathering. It is aimed at developing a robust faith in Jesus as well as providing liberating truth that is the basis for being loved and for loving others. This 8 week journey will take you from being welcomed, to being celebrated!

Week 1 Divine Design The Trinity started a revolution: Creation. We are under the surveillance of a supernatural Trio who conspired to have kids who could handle realms of glory. Batteries not included.

Week 2 Triune Encounters Salvation is being born of the Spirit into a family of protégés, not a production line of clones. The wonder of this new life is being in a Love Triangle powered by creative faith.

Week 3 Sacred Study The Bible is the Word of God for us to read, study, meditate on and experience, that allows our minds to be completely transformed. It carries the true revelation of God’s love for us and when understood through the lens of our New Covenant in Jesus Christ, we discover a world of freedom, not only for ourselves, but for the whole world!

Week 4 Wonderstruck The result of salvation is a lifetime journey of worshipping God in awe. Our new DNA creates beauty from mystery – joy in the midst of trial and wonder in the middle of it all.  

Week 5 Soul Solution The Soul is the filter system of society and learning to live with clarity means understanding how to create clean filters and not settle for patterns of disposable dysfunction.

Week 6 Mind Matters Our imagination is a nation of images around a throne: the war is over whom we choose to enthrone. By collaborating with the mind of Christ we have access to an innovative life that eliminates the cycles of fear and needless repetition.

Week 7 Sons, Fathers, Kings We belong in a family whose dynasty is freedom and whose goal is transformation. Understanding equally that strength & vulnerability and responsibility & authority are values of family trust in His Kingdom.

Week 8 Life to the Max Living for a Legacy not a Eulogy. Fear cannot stop those who are loved and who love. Life lived fully will flood lives and overflow, not counting the cost as we follow Zoe-Life Himself!


Transformers Unite


JULY 23 - SEP 10

This trimester demonstrates what can happen when wisdom marries mercy and focuses on how to release the power of God’s love in every sphere of life. We were created not only to enjoy, but to reassign the inheritance that Christ gave to his family of extraordinary people so that they in turn, could give it to those who are bankrupt. Along with providing some practical guidelines for partnering with leadership, the goal of this this time together is to set you up for an adventure of risk-taking action!

Full trimester unit descriptions coming soon. 

Units will include:

  • Company of Risk takers
  • Reading Mail
  • What Dreamers Do


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This trimester focuses on building the ‘floor plan’ on the foundation of a New Covenant in Christ and provides practical ways for developing not only one's gifts but also the personality and the potential for excellence! This is where we explore divergent thinking and aim to lift the roof off any limitations so that you can live your dreams and lead the way for others to be free.

Week 1 Power of Genius We believe that everyone is created in the genius image of God, our desire is to give keys that unlock this truth so that it becomes an authentic reality.

Week 2 Divine Divergence In this unit we will explore divergent problem solving and give practical activations to help students discover a world of unchartered possibilities that they carry within them.

Week 3 Holy Oasis Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher for learning how to thrive as heavenly beings on earth. Our relationship with Him teaches us how to internally replenish and remain buoyant in the midst of life's challenges. He also gives us access to thirst quenching living water that refreshes others!!!

Week 4 Wholeness Revolution Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical health includes a holistic approach to how we govern our lives. This will include navigating personalised new habits that will result in a harmonious synergy between work, rest and play.  

Week 5 Creative Planning Learning to celebrate seasons, move with the tides and work with the midwives. Many plans are aborted unnecessarily or do not see their full potential for lack of understanding that there are seasons, speeds and assistants in the force of nature to be reckoned with.

Week 6 Mentoring Protégés We are cultivating an environment that will both recognise greatness whilst accepting a life mission of discipling. We will learn the wisdom of straddling the generational gaps in order to perpetuate and champion innovation.

Week 7 Stewarding Momentum How to live with success and develop a pace that can cope with multiple breakthroughs in your lives.

Week 8 All Systems Go! Finance, Fortitude and a whole lot of Fun as we create life maps together.

Genius Generation

MAY 7 - JUNE 25