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Street Address: 30 Victoria Street, Waverley, Sydney NSW 2024

Postal Address: PO Box 246, Waverley, Sydney NSW 2024

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Fini and Isi de Gersigny, married for thirty three years, have six children who are all involved in music and the arts. Since moving to Sydney in 1997, they have seen an extraordinary outpouring of Holy Spirit in signs and wonders and the development of a vibrant community that is reaching out into all spheres of society.

As joyful prophetic psalmists, they form a dynamic combination of apostle and prophet, who have been exploring dimensions of releasing prophetic sound that both transforms people and atmospheres. They minister powerfully at home in Australia, trans locally and internationally, seeking to develop a culture of family, of prophetic worship and of a lifestyle of the manifest presence of God. They are presently helping to nurture other churches around Australia and overseas.

Their passion is empowering the church in the fullness of the gospel and establishing individuals in a foundation of the finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross.


Jubilee was founded in 1997 by psalmists Isi and Fini de Gersigny,  in response to a vision from God to move to Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. From its apostolic and prophetic inception, until this present day - the name of the church has very much described its journey - that of being a home for ultimate freedom for all people. There is a strong emphasis on physical and emotional healing, with countless testimonies to date.

Jubilee is marked by passionate and prophetic worship that embodies encounters with God. The hunger for experiencing God’s manifest presence has only increased over time and is made more accessible within corporate gatherings and in meetings in homes all over the city. The journey is viewed from the destination of heaven, which describes the atmosphere of glory that is so often experienced.


Sunday Services: 10am & 6pm

Airborne: Saturday 5-6pm


Our vision is to see the transformation of individuals, of families, of Sydney, of Australia and of the nations of the earth. The way we see this being fulfilled, is through the equipping and releasing of believers to do the work of the ministry, i.e. all that we read about in Isaiah 61:1-8, which is to heal the sick, work miracles and bring good news everywhere. Our deepest intention is to impact the generations with people who are so saturated in the love of God that they are the very embodiment of Christ Himself – supernatural lovers of people, bringing a message of reconciliation to all. We see this transforming society and helping bring about what we believe to be the greatest move of His Spirit in all of history.

One of the most encouraging things in this life – is in receiving, writing, reading or running with prophetic words that mark out a time or a season of transformation. Our privilege here at Jubilee, is providing a way for anyone to have access to that as much as is possible – so that the immediate pathway and the journey ahead, is lit up with the courage and joy of God!