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Street Address: 30 Victoria Street, Waverley, Sydney NSW 2024

Postal Address: PO Box 246, Waverley, Sydney NSW 2024

Tel: (02) 9388 9578  |  General: 

Every Saturday from 4-6pm, we have a healing service in the adjoining hall next to Jubilee's main building (also known as the Warehouse). It's a service for anyone looking for prayer and seeking healing from the Lord. Invite your friends and come along to see and experience ‍‍‍some of the many miraculous healings the Lord is doing! ‍‍‍

This is a more intensive healing ministry, run by trained and gifted volunteers, who are dedicated to see the utmost freedom in the lives of individuals. Based on the scriptures from Isaiah 61: 1-8,  it is making time available for anyone to receive skillful and effective ministry for the soul. We have seen extraordinary breakthroughs in people as we have placed value on freedom for the whole person.

Jubilee Kidz provides a program for ages 3 – 12 during our 10am service. We create an atmosphere of fun in a variety of activities that promote teamwork in learning more about God. We also help children connect with God themselves through prayer and experiencing His presence.

Every Wednesday 7.30pm, we worship and pray for various people groups all over the world. It is an open forum meeting, providing the great opportunity for the development of the prophetic in participants. Recordings of prophetic words and songs are tremendously encouraging for the people we have prayed for.

A teen girls ministry running fortnightly during the Sunday morning 10am service. Designed to raise up passionate lovers of God while establishing true self identity. Inspiring dreams, while being equiped to combat reality and everyday life.



HARP ‍‍‍AND‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍BOWL




‍‍‍Ma‍‍‍‍‍‍rk Hopper
Tuesday 7.30pm - Weekly

Cheryl Smith,

Roger & Louise Young Fridays 7.30pm - Fortnightly

For more info email‍‍‍ and we'll have a home group le‍‍‍ader contact you. Just let us know what suburb is best for you.

Neutral Bay
Peet & Marissa Meyer
Thursday Night - Weekly

Bekky Keong
Thursday 7.30pm - Fortnightly

North Ryde
David & Angelina Weight
Friday Night - Fortnightly

Dennis & Susan Laris
Friday 7.30pm - Fortnightly

David Hall & Deniese Ball
Thursday 7.30pm - Fortnightly

Darling Point
Jacqui Ford & Kim Bennet
Thursday 7.30pm - Fortnightly